How to pay swiss speeding fine from us

How to pay swiss speeding fine from us

Has anyone received a speeding ticket in the mail after they have returned from Switzerland or anywhere in Europe? Did you dispute it? It has been 5 months since we were in Switzerland and now we received a notice and fine for speeding. Any recommendation on how we should handle this? The ticket was from a speed camera. Pay it, you probably earn it.

Use the search feature. There has been an extensive discussion concerning Italian tickets especially for the restricted driving zones. With the internet and computers it is much easier to find people. I received a ticket in Switzerland, but it was a parking ticket. I thought parking would be free on Sunday, like in Paris, but in Lausanne parking is never free. Interestingly, you can pay a parking ticket at any Post Office in Switzerland.

So I took care of it prior to departing. It is surprising to me that so many travelers rent cars without knowing the restrictions for a specific area. The more I read the more I realize that driving in Europe is not as easy as it was 20 years ago when I first drove there.

I received notice of a speeding ticket almost 9 months after our visit to Switzerland Sep It was written in German About 3 months later I got another notice this time in multiple languages saying that I owed 80 Euros for speeding 92 km in an 80 km zone I ignored this one as well.

Last month, they tried to get me to pick up a registered letter from the Swiss Embassy I ignored it. I don't know what other's will do It may not sound like the "proper civic attitude" but I will risk sounding non PC and just resign myself to not traveling in Switzerland for the next few years not too hard for me to do.

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Note that there are numerous instances here in the Bay area where people have demonstrated that the infallible speed camera tickets do not show the License plate number of the recipient's car. To me, this is the Euro equivalent of the "speed trap" and I intend to give it the same level of respect that I have for these obnoxious practices here in the US.

I did not receive a copy of the "picture" and I don't have a record of the license plate of the car I was driving Also, ignoring a registered letter is not the same as non-delivery. In someways ignoring a registered letter is better evidence of knowledge than accepting it.

Bill, sorry, but I find that attitude reprehensible. Isn't accountability something we should all be aiming for?We rented a car in Italy in and drove in to Switzerland while on our trip. Today, we received a speeding ticket for April of If it were within a year of travel I may not question it but three years seems a bit excessive. After thinking about it, Midwestern values will, likely, make me pay it, but still want to know if there is a "statute of limitations" or can they come after me at 5 or 10 years????????????

how to pay swiss speeding fine from us

They are not going to "come after" you but you may find you are arrested if you try to enter Switzerland again. I do hope your scruples win and you pay the ticket Nonsense - nobody gets arrested over a traffic infraction, even an unpaid one. It's not a felony sentence but an administrative fine. They will simply double or triple the fine and pass it on to a debt collection agency in US, after which you can either pay up or start a lawsuit against said agency.

It's going to be MUCH more expensive than just paying the original fine though. Let's hope, altamiro, that you don't get a traffic ticket here in the US and fail to pay it because you very well may be arrested! It's not criminal here either. I've known more than one scoff law who's found himself in a cell over an unpaid speeding ticket! While Switzerland may not arrest people, they certainly can refuse entry into the country.

Whether a speeding ticket is a criminal offence or not here depends on how fast the person was speeding. I agree with KM. Pay the ticket or there could be nasty consequences including possibly not being able to rent a car in Europe again Swiss and EU exchange information on traffic offences now which would be a major inconvenience. Plus if one gets a ticket one should pay it They may or may not come after you.

If issued from Italythey definitely would; even appointing debt collectors in your country to recover the fine and take you to court in your home country if you don't pay.

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Non payment will see the fine escalate every 30 days or so with late payment fees, to the point where a minor irritation becomes a financial nightmare. Of course if you believe you weren't there at the time, or were not speeding, then you can try to dispute the charge.As more countries fall prey to the scourge of the speed camera, and local authorities realise that unsuspecting visitors are a great source of income, more and more travellers are incurring fines for minor traffic offences whilst driving abroad.

This is demonstrated by the large number of comments and questions at the foot of the page from In fact, and please accept my apologies for this, I had to close the comment facility on the page. Hopefully the detail below, gathered from a variety of sources will help you decide how to deal with your traffic related charge. The chances of your holiday transgression following you home depend largely on where the offence was committed, and the vehicle you were driving.

The wide range of questions asked see foot of page shows the amount of confusion on this subject. My advice is to do your own research on sites such as this before making a decision on whether to pay a fine. All that is certain on this subject is that there are huge disparities between countries, and even states within countries on policy and this seems to be constantly changing. In France, driving my own vehicle, I received a ticket directly to my home with a week of the offence.

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The fine was 80 Euros which increased steeply if not paid within 28 days. Using the large South American company Localiza in Paraguay, my deposit was actually witheld for 2 weeks which is the period it would take for the company to receive any speeding or parking fines. Therefore, the authorities and rental companies have certainly grown more efficient in imposing fines on foreign visitors.

how to pay swiss speeding fine from us

Also, this info covers minor traffic offences such as speeding fines or parking tickets. For more serious offences, certainly any involving death, injury or serious damage, its likely you would be pursued with the full weight of the law to the point of extradition. I have been unable to find any link between driving licence and passport so unless your passport details were recorded at the time of the offence, or by the rental company, its unlikely any country would have the capability or resource to link the two.

Some European countries seem to have an evangelistic hatred of speeding. Italian Cities are also notorious for complex disc systems in City Centres which tourists are unaware of, until they return home to a ticket. The law is also catching up with European drivers who routinely evade fines incurred abroad.

In the EU passed a bill stating that EU Member States will have to provide details of the driver or holder of the vehicle registration certificate to the authorities of the country where the offence took place. Any fine and payment method will be based on the law of the state where the offence occurred. The Eucaris system is used as an information sharing service, developed by and for the vehicle licencing authorities with the authorities acting as the point of contact in each country to streamline communications, instead of a mass of connections between different European registration authorities, police, customs etc.

Thereforeany offence committed in an EU state will result in the owner of the vehicle receiving the fine, though obviously in many cases that will be the car rental company see below. USA There are a whole load of urban myths surrounding unpaid traffic fines and entry to the USA, such as visitors being refused entry at immigration. In that case, you will be likely to have to pay the fine in cash on the spot. The officer would have to carry out a national check of the full database to identify an offence committed in another state.

If they fail to do so, you may find that you are blacklisted when you try to rent from them again. Again there are unqualified reports of rental companies sharing data with each other though I have yet to see this proved. Canada is particularly strict on serious traffic offences and may refuse you entry if you have serious convictions such as DUI.

Therefore unpaid fines from Australian drivers incurred in other states will be passed on and will result in further action if unpaid.

For unpaid fines issued to foreign drivers, a local decision will be taken on what further action to take. In many cases, this will be nothing, though I have heard of unconfirmed reports of a UK debt collection agency being engaged to recover an Australian fine. When an offence is recorded, an infringement notice will be issued in the full name as recorded on the drivers licence and date of birth of the driver.The car was picked up in Basel.

I was going at kmph on kmph and the fine is for 60CHF. The speeding offence was on 28th May. The speeding ticket fully in German from switzerland was dated 2nd June. I received the letter here in UK on 24th June. The car hire company has charged me 50CHF administrative charge. How can I pay my fine here from UK? There is a orange Einzahlung Giro attached at the bottom of the speeding ticket. Can I take that slip to a bank here in UK and pay the fine?

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Is there anyway to pay the fine online? I believe these are reference numbers I need to use when I'm paying the fine?

Please advise as I would like to pay the fine within 30 days and it is already 24 days based on letter dated 2nd June. Sorry that I have no direct experience here but if it is a Giro form then the Post Office should be able to handle it. Island Monkey. Is there an IBAN number on the information? If you have an IBAN you can pay it in the bank or by internet banking! If you put SFr 60,-- in an envelope and post this with the orange Einzahlung Giro, I will pay it into the post for you.

Post it soon, I am on holiday 4th July. Post takes 2 days from UK. This user would like to thank Sbrinz for this useful post: buffalox. Sean Connery. I personally believe that what they've given you makes it not possible to simply pay the fine.

The IBAN identifies the creditor, the creditor's bank and account number. The Reference number assigns the payment with the creditor's accounting, normally identifying the debitor and the reason for the payment see no.Nancy Tan of Fresno, California, wrote Sept. The ticket said we had been cited for going 20 kilometers per hour over the limit.

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I asked my Spanish teacher to help me pay the fine online. She then told me that her husband had received a ticket when traveling in Spain several years ago and had run into the same problems trying to pay the fine. In the end, he just gave up and ignored the ticket. So far, nothing bad has happened, despite his traveling in Spain several more times.

How did you go about taking care of a traffic ticket sent from overseas? If you ignored a ticket, what happened?

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Please tell approximately when you were in the foreign country and when you received the ticket. What might the consequences be for ignoring a foreign traffic ticket? Subscribers were asked to email editor intl travelnews. Following are letters received. When the answer came, he again used Google Translate, so we then understood their instructions. My worry about not paying the fine was that, on one of our frequent trips to Italy, it would catch up with us when we went to rent a car.

After I got home, I received, through our car rental agency Europcar, a traffic ticket from the Comune di Salo, Uffizio Polizia Municipale that said that I had driven in a restricted zone in Pisa. I speak Italian and am always careful to look for signs.

how to pay swiss speeding fine from us

She advised me to do the same. I followed her advice and had no problems and no further mailings from Italy. However, when I began planning a return to Italy inI became very nervous about not having paid the ticket and about the possibility of getting arrested on the autostrada! I examined the ticket again, which was in Italian. When that came, I saw an email address near the lower left-hand corner.

I wrote there to get my questions answered. After much back and forth between my bank and the Municipality of Pisa, I was able to arrange a wire transfer that paid the ticket, which was the original amount plus the penalty, not to mention the wire transfer fee from the bank.

I think the fact that I paid the fine through a wire transfer from my bank made the process much more difficult. But, because we were planning another driving vacation in Italy, I paid it with my Capital One Visa card, which does not charge extra fees for international transactions.

The Parma police sent me a receipt. I found in the small print a phone number in Italy that promised an English-speaking agent at the other end. The next morning, at 5 a.When driving from Frankfurt to Geneva, I did not exactly read about the now in my mind infamous Swiss traffic laws.

How frequent are these rathers. I had no idea it was the law to have headlights on during the day. Do they fine you for this only if you get pulled over? Or am I pretty much screwed here.

how to pay swiss speeding fine from us

My GPS was not so good, and it was leading me down some roads that were closed or one ways. In my frustration, I came pretty close to running a red light. Is there a camera at every light or just sometimes? I did not see a flash, but it was all the middle of the day. I was also really looking forward to Switzerland. The strictness of the traffic laws have left a bitter taste in my mouth. What's your point? Doesn't sound like you have gotten any tickets yet. Maybe you won't. The "Swiss Vistas" website in the link in a previous repaly may not be completely accurate on all points.

The website made reference to an "International Driver's License", which is a lot of rubbish. I have the same question as Lee. Have you received any tickets yet, or are you just suspecting that you may receive some? Since there's nothing you can do about it now, you'll just have to wait and see what happens over the next month or two.

Can Switzerland do anything if I (US Citizen) don't pay a speeding ticket I received in the mail? ?

For future reference, well planned rail trips are usually a better option, especially in Switzerland.See below. With a high income you will have to pay a high fine.

Speeding and other traffic offences are subject to on-the-spot fines. Riccardo I have been driving in Switzerland in a road work and they knocked down the speed from to 80 in the A2 motorway. In the meanwhile I was trying to sort the messy situation I saw a flash from a speed camera meters in front of me and the car next my right side.

I have got four questions. My speed on the odometer was between 88 and 92 approximately instead of Is it possible after the camera tolerance adjustment I would receive a fine? Because I think could also be the sun reflection… Is it possible it is a kind of scam?

Because I saw that flash many timeI mean everibody was overspeeding cause the messy situation they build in that section of A2? If I receive I fine can I make a report because that segment of road is dangerous and put the motorist life in danger and put the speed camera there to make speed fine to confused people is a scam? How inaccurate is your speedometer? This is an excellent site: SpeedingEurope Switzerland The link opens on the Swiss page, which is not filling me with enthusiasm for my trip there this […].

Kate Some advice welcomed please if you are suitably informed! Thanks in advance.

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WalletRapedByTheGovernment Went to Switzerland for vacation. Accidentally drove at 56kmh at a speed limit of 50kmh, the fine was CHF. They sent the summon letter to the wrong address, and till to date when I received the summon it had increased to CHF. The letter is written in French, which I cant understand a single word of it. They should have send them in English if they were to send it internationally. In conclusion, try to avoid driving in Switzerland to avoid the hassles.

Nice country but not when comes to driving. Pomitresi The reason was that I was driving too close to the car in front of me for 35 seconds!!!


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