Youth group ideas for small churches

Youth group ideas for small churches

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Rushing to put together a meaningful meeting for your church's students? Look no further than this quick guide to fun and meaningful activities. Youth pastors very often show up to youth group exhausted, coming up with some half-baked youth group activity that they googled 5 minutes before the meeting. From Instagram, movies, and YouTube, your students are swimming in a sea of information.

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To help them think about the messages they hear and the images they see, try one of these youth group activities. Paul Maxwell, Ph. Find him at paulmaxwell. Supercharge your church's coronavirus plan from scrambling to surging growth. Learn how you can repurpose your sermon content for maximum ministry impact. Learn how to shape your church culture to set it up for long-term, sustainable growth. Managing the life of your church is challenging.

But you don't have to make it harder than it should be. Here's how. Discover the three tools your church staff needs with your church's website. Discover the five overlooked tactics you can use to boost engagement in your church with a church app. Learn how your church can grow your church with your church website's email functionality.Posted: 3 days ago 5.

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Goofy Glasses Night — Kids wear goofy glasses. Give prizes for the goofiest. Large Group Lesson — Ephesians To help kids get ideas, suggest they model a uniform if their parents wears a uniform to work, or if their parent is an Awana leader. Detail View All Theme. Posted: 5 days ago This article features Christian youth camp themes and activities to ensure your Christian youth camp is the one that your teenagers will remember for years!

Christian Camp Pro Posted: 5 days ago Working in church youth ministry can be a rewarding experience. Children and teenagers involved with their church often build friendships and find support through youth ministry.

When developing ideas for your church youth group, focus on a combination of bible study, service, and fun social activities. Posted: 4 days ago Use these 25 creative sermon series ideas to get your brainstorm started.

50+ Fun and Inspirational Church Youth Group Activities

Please enter valid email address. Get free weekly resources from us! Lessons and Resources In youth ministry, few things take more time and energy than planning and creating your weekly lessons. From small group outlines, to front-of-the-room messages, there is a lot See more ideas about Youth ministry, Youth and Youth group activities.

As you might be able to tell, this is aimed at Christian youth retreats. Posted: 8 hours ago Welcome to the best source and the biggest collection of christian youth ministry themes. Choosing the right theme you need with good price or free, it is fast and can be used for many purposes!

youth group ideas for small churches

Free youth group games, activities, mixers, icebreakers, youth ministry ideas and more. Posted: 3 days ago 4.For the last three decades, Stephanie has been an incredible resource to youth workers across the country through her books and through the work she does with Ministry Architects. In this YS Idea Lab, Stephanie shares a few of the best ideas she has for youth workers in small churches. In America, 90 percent of churches have fewer than members, and the average youth group in America has seven to eight students.

The good news is that there are a lot of small churches that know how to do sustainable youth ministry as a natural part of the DNA of the church. Some of the many benefits of small-church youth ministry include the following:. But if you scale back and focus on a handful of things you can execute well, then you can still deliver a quality event or program in a ministry setting with limited resources.

Another idea Stephanie shared is to invite the rest of the church to student events. For instance, if you have a student performing in the annual Christmas concert at school, use that as an opportunity for the church to support and celebrate the student. Invite the entire church to the performance and host a dessert bar at the church afterward.

Imagine a student looking out into the crowd and seeing seats filled with people from church who have come to cheer him or her on. This should be your number one rule. That way you never have to cancel an event if only one or two students show up. Steer clear of events that require a certain number of students, and have a plan B in case attendance is lower or higher than expected.

Most of us will not be serving in the same youth ministry for the next 10 or 20 years. One of the best gifts you can leave behind for your small church is a detailed description of all your systems and processes. Write them all down in a notebook or an easy-to-access digital file system. Those systems and processes will help whoever steps into your shoes know the best ways to plan for each event and prepare for the year-long youth ministry calendar.

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Youth Ministry Lessons that Make Teens Listen

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Password recovery. Recover your password. Church Jobs Shop Subscribe. Get help. Easter Photo Scavenger Hunt Alternative. Latest News. Popular Articles. Can a Christian Drink Alcohol? Articles for Pastors July 26, New Podcasts. Podcast April 8, Podcast April 1, Podcast March 25, Published Sep. While the culture has changed, older adults frequently continue their tendency of viewing younger adults as promoters of societal ills. The longer churches continue looking at teens as the counterculture and not as part of the church family, the greater the divide becomes.

To create a sustainable, relevant youth ministry inyou have to avoid making judgments or sweeping generalizations and ensure that teens feel like they belong. Your teens will be more comfortable if you act like someone from your own generation, rather than trying to pass as If your church uses church management software with social networking functionality such as The Cityor your youth group has its own social media groups, try asking young people to submit individual feedback about their experience in the church positive or otherwise.

With their permission, share quotes from kids on your platform, sampling some of the more interesting, funny, or thought-provoking responses. Many kids who stop attending youth group may think that their lack of interest in the group is totally unique, and sharing feedback can dispel that fear and demonstrate your willingness to learn from the group and adapt.

A lot of teens want to be taken seriously and given responsibility. Asking teenagers to contribute based on their unique skills and interests think graphic design, photography, or social media posting, to name a few can help them feel wanted and needed.

This will take some coordination on your part, but it can expand your typical core base of volunteers and keep the voice of your youth ministry actually youthful.

There are a lot of guides that can help you figure out where to start with social media. Social media is one of the least obtrusive ways to insert your program into the daily lives of your teens. This seems too simple, I know. One of the best features of church software is its ability to track attendanceand one of the best things about teens is their willingness to use a new app. Whereas it can be difficult to get adults to check in during Sunday morning services we have some tips to help with thattooin a youth group setting teens are more willing to download an app that allows check-ins.

For example, if you find that the attendance rate for youth group slopes off at 14, highschoolers may need differently designed youth group experiences after middle school to stay engaged. You can also figure out if certain monthly themes bring in bigger numbers by cross-referencing attendee numbers with your message history.

Stephanie Caro: Ideas for Small Church Youth Ministry

Smaller group settings will help teens bond with each other by removing participation barriers that can exist in intimidating, large group settings. Getting older students involved in each group will also foster natural mentorships between teens. These relationships are the lifeblood your ministry needs to remain alive.

These are just some of the ways technology can benefit your youth ministry, boosting involvement and communication. What other ways have you used technology to help your youth group blossom?Church small groups are normally a group of fewer than 15 people who meet together on a weekly basis to study scripture and offer encouragement and support to each other.

Group leaders must be intentional in providing activities that promote fellowship and bonding. It is also important to turn the group's focus outward by providing opportunity for service in the community.

Choose a service project that will build on the interests of the group. Host a block party in a local neighborhood to reach out to the people in that area. Provide food, drinks, games, prizes and live music to encourage attendance. Spend time getting to know guests and showing an interest in their lives. Saddleback Church in Southern California offers its small groups the chance to serve in jail ministries, serve breakfast to people living in a motel and visit elderly and disabled people to offer encouragement.

For a group to feel comfortable sharing with each other, they must first get to know one another. Promote this by providing opportunities for group members to fellowship with each other. Split the group into men and women on occasion to provide freedom for conversations in the safety of same-sex friends. Consider sharing a meal together before your normal group study each week — spending time talking over dinner will ensure a relaxed atmosphere between group members.

These may tie into the study, but can also stand alone. An ice breaker should involve everyone in the group and will, ideally, spark thought and discussion on the topic. What made it special? Everyone takes a turn sharing three things about themselves.

Two of the statements are true, while one is a lie. The rest of the group must decide which statement about that person is a lie.

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While outings may not happen on a regular basis, they are a way of getting group members out of the normal routine and fostering unity and bonding. Go camping, hiking or fishing if your group likes the outdoors.Claudia has been creating content one post at a time for more than seven years and writes about a variety of subjects.

Church youth groups are a time-honored tradition for teens all around the world. They are an event where teens get together, usually once a week, to talk about almost anything. While almost all church youth groups are primarily focused on faith-based activities, those activities can vary widely from location to location. Sometimes it's difficult to come up with things for the kids to do.

They get bored doing the same thing and, as anyone with teens knows, they can have fickle tastes.

youth group ideas for small churches

Below is a comprehensive list of activities that any youth group of any size can do. Hopefully, the list will be helpful to group leaders, parents, and participants.

Sometimes it's easy to set aside the faith part of a youth group meeting, especially when playing games, but try to incorporate it whenever you can. Games are an essential part of any youth group.

youth group ideas for small churches

If games aren't played, participation and attendance will quickly decline. Make games a part of almost every meeting. The students will appreciate it and you'll have a lot of fun too. Some of the elder members of churches love to help out with youth. Have a signup sheet and get a different volunteer for each meeting. Mission and service projects are another integral part of any youth group. So many important lessons can be learned when the students participate in mission work.

Ditch the cellphones. Make a policy that cell phones are not allowed during meeting time unless there is a project that they are needed for. Crafts are probably something that shouldn't be done every meeting. Youth groups are made up of teens and many of them aren't interested in crafts, but sometimes a craft project hits the spot. Here are a few good ideas for this age.

Let the youth group help decorate the meeting space. Many churches have a dedicated youth room. If you need anything, ask the parishioners.

Most folks are happy to donate something to help out. Youth groups can't do mission work or games all of the time, but the members need to be busy or they are going to get bored.

Here some other ideas to keep meetings fun and meaningful. Kids don't always want to sit around in the youth group room.Every youth leader needs a bevy of Christian games and activities on hand for youth group. Keeping a 'stock' of youth group ideas to use in a pinch will prove to be a lifesaver. Design your activities with your group members' ages in mind, and the kids will have fun no matter how silly or serious the activities are.

Who said Christian youth groups can't be a little on the silly side? These types of activities can help to bring shy individuals out of their shells and get them to participate in future activities.

This is a relay game using bubble gum and a piece of paper affixed at an easily reachable height on the wall for all players for each team. Each player has to race to a table on the other side of the room. They then have to pick up a piece of bubble gum, unwrap it and start chewing it.

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They then have to blow a bubble and stick it to a piece of paper on the wall for their team using only their mouth. No hands allowed.

youth group ideas for small churches

The team who finishes first wins. This can be more difficult if you use old-fashioned bubble bum, such as Bazooka. Let your imagination guide you in playing various games dedicated to the New Year. Have baby bottle races. Fill baby bottles with juice and players have to drink it to see who can finish first use 4-ounce bottles. Players can also have a baby buggy race to see who can cross a finish line first with a player pushing and the other player riding in a baby buggy stroller.

Guess That Baby is another game where all attendees have to post a picture of themselves as babies on the wall. Everyone has to guess who the babies are. Participating in age-appropriate board games can be a fun activity for youth group members. Consider setting aside time during one gathering per month or quarter to dedicate to playing time-tested traditional or religious-theme board games.

Fellowship is a favorite activity, especially for new members who don't know everyone. The following activities will help youth group members get to know each other better. These dinners require the members involved to visit each other's homes for a specific course of a meal. This activity will require parents or chaperones to be involved to assist with transportation. Each participant makes one course of the meal or provides a form of entertainment.


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